How an Answering Service can Benefit a Small Business

Answering services aren’t new, many industries over the years have used them to take calls when the business owner is unavailable.  It has been largely the medical field that has used them in the past but now small business owners from a variety of industries are taking advantage of what an answering service can offer.  Today many smaller business are opting to outsource receptionist services to answering services rather than training their own staff.  Here is how an answering service can benefit a small business.


New companies and small business have pretty tight budgets and there isn’t a lot of room for them to add new staff to the payroll.  At the same time the phones need to be answered because they cannot afford to turn away any new business.  When you’re a business owner one of the most valuable commodities that you have is your time.  Using your time wisely means getting someone else to answer your phone while you concentrate on running your business. Here is a look at how an answering service can save you money.

Saving Time

Many startups and solopreneurs are left answering their own phones, this takes away from other activities within their business.  By using an answering service you can handle the important tasks while you outsource the customer service work.  Not only does this free up your time but it also conveys to your customers that they are contacting a successful business with a number of employees.  An answering service operator is a friendly voice that can answer simple questions or book appointments for you.

Busy Seasons

Some businesses are seasonal and can get very business during back to school or during the Christmas rush.  At this time you may be overwhelmed with phone calls and need a little help.  You may also have a receptionist who is off on vacation for a couple of weeks.  Answering services can help when you run promotions or need some extra cover, you can make sure that your customers are still taken care of no matter the situation.

After Hours

Even an entrepreneur needs to sleep.  Small business like plumbers, restoration services or HVAC contractors may all offer emergency services but don’t want to stay up all night waiting for the phone to ring.  The answering service can handle the calls and get in touch with the business owner if there is a genuine emergency.  You as the client can specify when it is appropriate to contact you should they need to.

A live answering service can be a valuable tool to help your business, it can take some of the burden off your shoulders while you focus on taking care of the important activities.

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